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What's Your Personal Development Status?

Many people ask me why I think and speak the way I do - my answer is simple - I read - ever since I picked up my first copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill my life hasn't been the same. I love to share my knowledge and thoughts w/ others. Based on the great feedback I've received from my status updates on FaceBook, I've put together a collection of them to share here as well. I’ve copied and pasted them as they are so the short hand & bad grammar is intentional. Enjoy!

your rituals are what you reap... when i wake up & b4 i go to bed i read my success statement (as instructed in chap 2 of T&GR by Napoleon Hill) i also spend a mini 2 hrs a day on Personal Development... why? b/c ur income will only grow to the extent that u do. success comes to those who are success conscious & that happens by "washing ur brain" clean & rebuilding ur subconscious.

whatever you focus on you'll find - even if it's not there... u must change ur physiology & focus. what do you feel most proud of in your life today? how do u breathe, walk, talk when u feel proud?

big picture thinkers don't let the grind get to them b/c they never loose sight of the all important overview. HERE'S THE KEY PART: "if u want to be a big picture thinker u hav to go against the flow of the world" - John Maxwell -> that's how David Tepper made $7 Billion during the stock market crash. they havent stopped making money, u just stopped thinking big enough to get it!

when u feed ur subconscious mind w/ personal development information - u can't help but win because u become a different person & attract successful people in ur life. the more u feed urself healthy things the better ur physical appearance will look, feed urself garbage & u'll gain weight & get sick. personal development is ur mental diet...what are u feeding urself? eat right! :o)

who u are determines what u see AND how u think. big picture thinkers realize there's a world out there besides their own, & they make an effort to get outside themselves to see what the world has to offer -> who are u & how do u think? i am a powerful woman so i am a powerful thinker. fly high eagles! :o)

"when the will comes n conflict w/the imagination, the imagination invariably carries the day" - Emile Coue' -> so true! when ur will (ur rational logical self) comes n conflict w/ ur imagination (ur creative, right brained self ) ur imagination always wins. imagination always trumps will. imagine urself successful! see u at the top! :o)

opportunities and blessings come to those who embrace an abundant attitude. abundant thinking multiplies, magnetizes, & magnifies whatever is focused upon. to "out-picture" abundance we must repeatively "in-picture" a mental state of abundance. why? b/c ur state of mind creates ur state of results...u must step out of ...the frame so u can see the picture! fly high eagles! :o)

nature is totally abundant but not discriminating. when the rain falls it has to go somewhere, right? if one part is dry another is wet. here's the truth: if somebody isn't willing to receive his/her share, it must go to whoever will. the rain doesn't care who gets it & guess what - neither does money. -> there's some T.Harv Eker truth for ya! i love it! :o)

are u weak or strong mentally? when faced w/ur break-THRU do u run scared & break DOWN? so many times u pray & beg for something different, but when the something different shows up b/c it's different, u run scared! u tuck n ur tail & climb back n ur shell & go back to doing the very thing that got u n the situation ure n! why? here's the truth: ure NOT a true winner. winners always find a way & winners BELIEVE!

i learned a great principle of success: it doesn't matter what your background is or what you have or haven't done in life thus far... all that matters is that you recognize when your moment has arrived :o)

"Women will always be dependent until she holds a purse of her own" - Elizabeth Cady Stanton, women's rights activist (1815-1902) -> ladies we all want a successful man, but in the midst of enjoying the luxuries he showers you with be in a position to provide that for yourself as well - it'll make his that much more enjoyable ;o) girl power! now go get 'em cougars! lol!

personal development tip of the day: never take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with. -> so true! their advice got them where they are, so unless that's where u want to be - no matter who they are - don't listen... a person can only take you as far as they've gone! let's get it! :o)

"Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action" - Jim Rohn successful people develop positive daily 'habits' that help them grow and learn. to apply new info u receive ask urself 3 ques: 1. where can i use it? 2. when can i use it? 3. who else needs to know it? via John C. Maxwell now get to work! :o)

Integrity or Image?: Are you the same person no matter who you're with or what you're going through? Image promises much but produces little. Integrity never disappoints. - John Maxwell -> so true! you can't fool everyone all the time, you will soon be recognized for who you are vs. who you appear to be. go get 'em! :o)

some people are open to change only if it doesn't inconvenience them or cost anything. I call that lazy! change threatens our habit patterns & forces us to think, re-evaluate & unlearn past behavior which scares many people. form your habits - don't let them form you. keep winning! :o)

6 word formula for success: think things through - then follow through -> so true! the fortune in your future is ALWAYS in the follow through. what good is it to have an idea if you never put it into action? that's a wasted vision! get out there & raise the B.A.R. (belief, action, results)...don't jus talk like u want success work like u want it! to the top! :o)

when u avoid risk u risk what's important - John Maxwell -> the longer u wait to pay the price the greater the price will be. to hav success u must be willing to make a trade off, it's like interest that compounds. u invest so much w/out seeing a return, but b/c u were consistently investing into ur success & u PUSHed ...through u finally get ur success payday - retro included. now go shake the bank! ;o)

don't just acknowledge your set backs EMBRACE them. fail early, fail often, but fail FORWARD - thomas edison failed 10,000 times b/4 he made history! most ppl would've quit after the 1st few! there's ALWAYS a method to the madness & mess w/in the MESSage. don't work "to" the end work "through" the end & to the top! fly... high Eagles! :o)

When you don't reflect & evaluate your experiences you're getting nowhere fast. 25 yrs go by but you don't gain 25 yrs of experience. You gain 1 year of experience 25 times! U need knowledge & understanding, means & meaning, know-how & know-why to get to the top. see you there! :o)

"experience teaches you nothing, evaluated experience teaches you everything" - john maxwell. -> i've experienced a lot in the past few months w/ the last 48 hrs being the most intense of them all, looking forward to transforming the adversity of 2009 into extreme success for 2010. planning for the future helps to get ...through the present - my calendar is booked & i'm ready to roll!

checking bags at the airport is so symbolic to life. the "heavy bags" cost you extra for a reason! we all need to travel light and learn to off-load before we can reload, be willing to GIVE up (people, bad habits etc...) before you can GO up. that's the only way you'll be able to fly high w/ the Eagles and reach your destination. let's get it! :o)

"sometimes we overestimate the event and underestimate the process. every fulfilled dream occurred because of dedication to a process." - John Maxwell -> wanna know if you're making progress? check to see how many times you've failed. failure along the way means growth & its all part of the process - you HAVE TO be willing to go through it. to the top! :o)

people's purpose in life is always connected to their giftedness. you are not called to do something that you have no talent for, the problem is most people haven't spent enough time developing themselves to fully understand their capabilities. the networking virtuoso's advice: an hour a day puts success in your way - go get 'em! :o)

a winner knows how much they still have to learn, even when others see them as an expert. a loser wants to be considered an expert before they learned enough to know how LITTLE they know. never stop being a student. to the top! :o)

positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. one must dominate the other - Napoleon Hill -> my question to u is which is more dominate in your mind? the answer will expose the "why" behind your success or lack thereof. form a habit of positive thinking & remove anything/anyone that causes negativity. go get 'em! :o)

"any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it, & how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action." Napoleon Hill on Master Minds -> that's very true...the people you follow can only take you where they who are you following? i'm following "One Voice" let's get it! :o)

change doesn't come until change is made, if you want to soar like an Eagle get out of the chicken coop! make today count! :o)

#15 of 31 Major Causes of Failure via Napoleon Hill: "Wrong selection of a mate in marriage" --> Uh oh! this is true though if you're not in harmony and equally yolked in all the things that are important to you, then there will for sure be some conflict. especially if you're in business together. choose wisely! :o)

"u can't entirely control ur subconscious mind but u can voluntarily hand it over to any plan, desire, or purpose" - Napoleon Hill -> so true! u believe u more than anyone, so what are u telling urself that u can or can't do? That will lead u to why u have/have not reached ur goal(s). Go get 'em! :o)

loving this amazing thing called decision backed by belief, led with action, will change the most important world there is - yours. truly amazing :o)

"the only break anyone can afford to rely on is a self-made break. these come through the application of persistence. the starting point is definiteness of purpose" - Napoloen Hill --> if you want success you must prepare your mind to attract it & persistently work at it until it is a fixed habit. let get it! :o)

when u reach a cross road in life there are 3 things to expect: 1) a personal decision is required 2) it will cost you something 3) it will influence others -> make a decision, pay the price, and help someone else....simple formula for success...let's get it! :o)

when you're interested in something, you do it only when convenient. when you're committed to something you accept NO excuses, ONLY results. have an Attitude of Domination and bull doze your way straight to the top! let's get it! :o)

"The heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight...but they, while their companies slept, were toiling upward in the night" - John Maxwell

Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into its monetary equivalent. -> Napoleon Hill. Definiteness of purpose. Burning Desire. Faith. Specialized Knowledge. the list goes on! NEVER quit, doubt, or give up. Belief is the key, Persistence is the lock, open the door of Faith and walk into your Destiny. let's get it! :o)

"any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it, and how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action" - Napoleon Hill -> knowledge isn't power - applied knowledge is power (Put Opportunity Where Everyone can Reach)...let's get it! :o)

Follow through w/ your commitments & make sure the tongue in your mouth matches the one in your the top! :o)

#17 of 31 Major Causes of Failure via Napoleon Hil: "Wrong selection of associates in business." we emulate those with whom we associate most closely, so pick someone that is worth emulating. maintain the quality of ur business & keep your standards high, know ur worth & be thankful when some partnerships aren't made - there's typically a good reason why! to the top! :o)

#9 of 31 Major Causes of Failure via Napoleon Hil: "Lack of Persistence." we always want everything to happen yesterday - so when it doesn't we slack up & throw doubt in our minds. arrest that thought & keep pushing! there is no substitute for persistence, failure can't cope w/ persistence. ur breakthrough is due - be ready for it. let's get it! :o)

"the turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their otherselves" -Napoleon Hill -> dig deep to the 'inner you' to find the 'other you'... for once in your life, put it ALL on the line and fight. no matter what, go get it! :o)

#26 of 31 Major Causes of Failure via Napoleon Hil: "Possession of power that was not acquired through self effort." perfect example are "some" lotto winners. instant wealth makes them uncomfortable so they blow it to get back to where they were comfortable - broke. they just bought a ticket to get it so there's no strong bond. success is a tough cookie - one that i'm happy to chomp my way through :o)

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