Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The After Affect

July 2009

There are many reasons why I speak for Monster.com's Making It Count Program, and while the personal gratification is great, there’s nothing like the transferring of that personal gratification to the students. To have “MY” passion spark passion in others is a blessing and a gift I don’t take for granted.

I travel to many schools with Making It Count and have reached 10’s of thousands of students, and as I come upon my one year anniversary with the organization I experienced what I’ve heard many seasoned MIC Speakers share they have – the “After Affect”.

I've been sent out to south Texas a lot for the past semester – Harlingen High, McAllen High, Ray High and many more. I went there many times to many schools to deliver Making College and Career Count for seniors and Making Your College Search Count for juniors. I get there and everything is great, the students are excited and I’m delivering the info with passion, connecting with everyone, getting great feedback from counselors and students – everything is just wonderful.

Well I never put a lot of thought into the After Affect because for some reason it seemed far fetched, something that I figured I’d experience years down the road. I thought about the high school students hoping they’d take what I’ve shared with them to heart, hoping they’d change their lives for the better, and aim high to reach their goals, but that was the extent of it. A thought.

I recently traveled to the University of Texas at Brownsville to deliver MIC’s new program Monster College Advantage. I’ve been in the high school circuit, but this was my introduction to the college circuit so I was nervous but very excited to take the dive.

My first presentation there was in June right after certification - and before I even spoke the Dean of students was excited to have me, and shared she couldn’t wait to get my help and how she loved MIC Speakers because we always delivered quality information – so I knew it was going to go good.

It was the beginning of school so the students were going through their orientation or “Scorpiontation” as they call it. I hit the stage – knock it out. My delivery was comical, real, and down right fun, so I was elated to return, especially when I got an email from the Dean sharing with me how the students did a survey about all of their orientation and said the “Monster Speaker Lady” was their favorite part!

Since they have many orientations throughout the summer on into August, I was scheduled to return in a few weeks. Well due to personal reasons I couldn’t make the second presentation, so another speaker was sent in my place – he’s great so I knew he’d knock it out. I returned yesterday to rock it again and the minute I get to campus the first thing the orientation leaders share with me was that they missed me and the students were looking for me the last time because of all the buzz that was created during my first visit.

At this point, I’m elated, overwhelmed and ready to roll – thinking what could be better than that!? Well as the students start to fill up the lecture hall, I walk down to the stage to get in position, and I look in the crowd and hear this voice “Hey! I remember you!” It was a young girl. I said, “Cool! Were you here last time I was here?” She said, “No you came to my school!” I stood there trying to figure out if she was in the crowd the last time I was there and she said “I went to Harlingen High School”. Then it clicked! That was one of the schools I visited the previous semester to deliver Making College and Career Count to seniors. She was one of the seniors in the crowd! I didn’t meet her then but little did I know – she would remember me!

Of course the high pitch “OMG’s” women do took place and I told her it was good to see her and I wanted to get a picture with her after. So I delivered the presentation – again – super fun and exciting my energy level was on another level because of all the love they gave me prior to. I glance over at her from time to time and she’s holding on my every word, filling in the workbooks as if it was going to be on her final exam. All I could think about is not letting her down. I think to myself, “Bring it Porshea, she’s counting on you.” The students start to fill out the feedback forms, and I had one guy yell out “Miss Porshea!” I said “What’s up?” He goes, “What do we do if the number we want to rate you isn’t on the page?” I said while laughing, “Well what number are you looking for?” He said, “a 20!”

All I could say was “awwwwwwwwwww I love yall so much!” Because the highest they can rate us is a 10, and they wanted to give me a 20! That’s when I told them how much I love speaking to students, so I asked the young girl to raise her hand, and I shared with everyone it was my first time experiencing the “After Affect” and that it was almost as if she was my little sister because I had a part in inspiring her to take that next step in life. She was the only one in the room who attended a high school I’d spoken at in the past, and here she was in College seeing me again - she was so proud of it because that was our thing, and our connection.

After, she took her camera out and we took pictures. She gave me the biggest hug and said “Thank you for everything, you’ve helped me so much.” I walked out of that lecture hall another person. We call ourselves transformational speakers – and because of the “After Affect” she transformed me.

Presentation - $100. Rental car - $68.75. Watching a student's eyes light up because of the “After Affect” – Priceless.

I spend my life – Making It Count


  1. Ok, so this will sound corney, but you just brought a tear to my eye. I'm so happy for you, and for the students who get to experience your energy and positive outlook.

  2. Porschea...changing lives is what it's all about! You did it and did it well! Congrats on a job well done! They will remember you for a lifetime. Smile big and pat yourself on the back!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences that continue to remind us of the ultimate reason we do what we do!

  4. Tabatha, Trinette, & Terri - I break down every time I think about it, we are responsible for empowering the next generation...that's a HUGE deal! I'm HONORED to be selected by you to do it and accepted by the students who receive it. Love you much! :o)