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P.O.W.E.R. Principles w/PorsheaRae

2010 was an INCREDIBLE year & has laid the foundation for a VERY prosperous 2011. My video series "PorsheaRae & the Platform" which started out as a video here & there to nourish a creative deposit, turned into a life of its on creating a social media movement for the distributors of OrGano Gold International gaining a whopping 4 Million views! The same creative deposit has happened again so of course I've taken action by launching a new video series "P.O.W.E.R. Principles w/PorsheaRae" on FaceBook, The Oprah Winfrey Network, & YouTube. We've filmed & edited TONS of videos & as I leverage them to inspire those who cross my path I will continue to nourish my growth spiritually to provide status updates that are sure to reach your soul. Here are some of my favorite & most popular updates that inspired the series P.O.W.E.R. Principles w/PorsheaRae. WARNING!!! May cause change.

FYI - His promises are still in reach!!! it doesn't matter what u hurt from, are stressed about, who ure mad at, how they did it, why they did it, blah blah blah...let it go! why? b/c God is the AUTHOR & FINISHER of ur faith NOT THEM... He gave u life to LIVE - so do so! :o) (Ezekiel 16:6)

FAITH is not a spare tire that u pull out when u need it! its a LIFESTYLE... its our blood bought right to live by it so we overcome our challenges thru it... when u trust Him & LISTEN to His voice there is an assignment that's given to u. ure calling is YOURS so it may not b pleasing to others but it will please God & THAT is what matters (Galatians 2:20)

no matter where ure going u hav to take the time to GET READY - embrace ur season of PREPARATION for it is precious, personal & requires ZERO explanation... if distractions call - send them to voicemail this way the only voice u hear is the one that matters most - the voice of God. be courageous enough to TRUST Him even if u can't TRACE Him :o)

here's a great thought: instead of entertaining ur provokers be thankful for them! why? they create an atmosphere for prayer that wasn't there before & they bring humor to God! (psalm 37:12-13) anything that brings u CLOSER to Him AND makes Him HAPPY is a good thing! yes its annoying but they'll get tired & giv up eventually - lol :o)

YOU were created to DOMINATE. YOU have been empowered to PROSPER. if ure not walking & leading n your spirit ure not walking & leading! when u are transformed thru Him - its so great YOU don't even recognize u. don't conform to the world, define it for urself! be TRANSFORMED by renewing ur mind (Romans 12:2)

our boldness doesn't lie n our own faith - that can quickly melt into fear...we must continually tap into & pull from God's bold, active & dynamic faith one that NEVER shrinks back or cowers n the face of evil or adversity... be bold. be active. be dynamic. be...THE ONE!!! :o)

wrkin on ur weakness leads to mediocrity...wrkin on ur strength(s) leads to success - dn't waste time attempting to display qualities that u aren't designed to possess. ITS OK to not b good at EVERYTHING! that's un-necessary pressure! the yr of expansion is coming - FOCUS to b prepared for it! :o)

NO MATTER WHAT THEY TOLD YOU, you are NOT the product of someone else's mistakes, mishaps or mischief nor their lost dreams, desires, or deceit!! you are a product of the PURPOSE of God & that my friend - is GREATNESS... just trust, believe & walk! (Psalm 37: 5)

VISION is the pre-requisite for passion & source for influences how to live ur life, handle ur time, set ur priorities & who u CHOOSE to associate with... it is a key component to DEVELOPING ur GIFT so when u are positioned before great men u can DELIVER it!

YOU are best representative of you - NO ONE can be you like you....ur purpose in life is always connected to ur gift so rest n knowing u will NEVER be called to do something u have no talent for. NO MATTER WHAT ur gift will ALWAYS make room for u!!! (Proverbs 18:16)

progress & success eliminates stagnation, frustration & hateration (lol) - ITS OK if there's ALOT that needs to happen b4 IT happens - START NOW - work on what u can...u don't climb a mountain by jumping to the top u do so by taking one step at a time - u may slip & loose ur footing but keep moving & b4 u kno it - ure living ur dreams! :o)

hey you - yes YOU! He told me to tell u He's been waiting to make a deposit n u so u can be ESTABLISHED - fixed, permanent, stable & firmly incorporated n Him to receive what He has for u... listen for the revelation (the deposit) having it will giv u the ability to believe what the mind CAN'T perceive (i.e. Luke 9:16)...if He did it then He'll can do it again! ;o)

FACTS don't matter when you have the TRUTH that is God's whether its a bad report about your health, wealth, or anything else, NO MATTER WHAT - believe HIM more than you believe THEM - & watch how His will comeS through still!!! (Proverbs 4:20) :o)

juuuust incase u forgot: YOU were designed to be known for something special...YOU are meant to do something that will make u unforgettable...YOU were created to accomplish something specific...YOU were born to do something that OTHERS CAN'T IGNORE!!! (Jeremiah 1:4-5) :o)

no issue has value! keep n mind that EVERYTIME a provoker is released n ur life & u release them right bk to God - it positions YOU to be right where He wants u so He can PROMOTE u to ur PURPOSE... u should rest 100% n knowing that at that very moment n time - they become POWERLESS (Proverbs 24:20) LIGHTS OUT!!! :o)

procrastination for some has become a full-time occupation & a skilled profession... acquiring vision shifts u from procrastination to manifestation - once the vision is revealed to u don't question it - take all actions necessary to WALK IN IT!!!

"when a person SHOWS u who they are believe them" - Maya Angelou --> yes indeed! esp if their actions aren't n ur favor... a scorpion is designed to strike & kill - they can't help it b/c its who they are at the CORE! no matter what u THINK u see that's different, be wise! otherwise don't be surprised when they strike again. ;o)

"I was looking n the mirror & it didn't say anything, but the person n the mirror was saying everything" -John Sacturas --> so true!!! no matter how smart or successful u are u can NEVER lie to urself...ur subconscious will always kick n & SHOW u the REFLECTION of who u REALLY are ;o)

man looks at ur value for where u are now, but God see's u n ur FULLNESS...Its not abt ur location but ur DESTINATION! loving miami - tons of growing & stretching the movement is STRONG!

6th Necessity of Vision: avoid the temptation of pride that comes w/the expectation & manifestation of ur vision --> this is so important b/c pride is a very sneaky thing & for many ppl can be subconscious. pay close attention - otherwise it will serve as a private escort to ur defeat. (Habakkuk 2:4)

sight is a function of the eyes but VISION is a function of the HEART... Here's a Nugget: if YOU don't step up to own ur vision someone else will giv u one --> that's powerful! always know that what's in ur heart produces ur life - say to yourself: what i'm looking at now is subject to change! :o)

u can only hav confidence n that which u KNOW... knowing is CONCRETE & foundational... the more u believe, the more u are motivated to do, the more u do, the more u KNOW... growth n Him allows u to transform urself frm a believer to a KNOWER - don't be foolish & build on sand understand & build on His will (Matt 7:26)

"if u teach a man anything he will not learn" - Bernard Shaw --> so true! learning is an active & progressive process u must DO to truly learn... DO what u can now to move towards ur vision & u will find urself "learning" more about ur vision & urself along the way...nothing moves until u DO!

if you're able to carry out your vision by yourself, then your vision is too small & didn't come from Him.... your vision should be MUCH bigger than you (numbers 11:14) i'm thankful for my life, my freedom & the people in it who make it all possible.

Copyright 2011 - Porshea "PorsheaRae" Mitchell

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