Thursday, March 5, 2009

2009 Speaking Schedule

January 27th Tuloso High School Corpus Christi, Texas
January 27th – Interview on the Dino Herbert Show “Everyday Hero”
January 28th Ray High School Corpus Christi, Texas

February 12th Rowe High School McAllen, Texas
February 12th – Interview on “The Wealthy Speaker Show” Blog Talk Radio
February 13th McAllen High School McAllen, Texas
February 20th Sterling High School Houston, Texas
February 27th Sterling High School Houston, Texas

March 3rd Oak Ridge High School Conroe, Texas
March 4th Rayburn High School Houston, Texas
March 5th Elsik High School Houston, Texas
March 6th – American Marketing Association Event Houston, Texas
March 10th John Raegan High School Pasadena, Texas
March 11th McArthur High School Houston, Texas
March 12th Jones High School Houston, Texas
March 13th – Interview on “Speaker Talk” on Blog Talk Radio
March 24th Alief Taylor High School Houston, Texas
March 26th Bridge City High School Bridge City, Texas
March 27th Sterling High School Houston, Texas
March 31st Juarez High School LaJoya, Texas

April 3rd Spring Branch School of Choice Houston, Texas
April 9th – Featured Guest Speaker - Ohio
April 16th MacArthur High School Houston, Texas
April 17th Sterling High School Houston, Texas
April 22nd PSJA Memorial High School Alamo, Texas
April 22nd Rio Hondo High School Rio Hondo, Texas
April 27th Westbury High School Houston, Texas
April 28th Oak Ridge High School Conroe, Texas
April 29th Law High School Houston, Texas
April 30th Splendora High School Splendora, Texas

May 1st Barbara Jordan High School Houston, Texas
May 2nd-3rd Monster DLP Tour Training Dayton, Ohio
May 4th Cuero High School Cuero, Texas
May 7th Waller High School Waller, Texas
May 9th - Interview on "Extra Effort Forum" show on Blog Talk Radio
May 12th Scarborough High School Houston, Texas
May 15th Jones High School Huston, Texas
May 20th MacArthur High School Houston, Texas
May 30th Waller High School Houston, Texas

June 5th-7th MIC - Speaker Training Dayton, Ohio
June 17th University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas

July 1st University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas
July 2nd DeVery University - Houston, Texas
July 9th-12th MIC - Speaker Training Indianapolis, Indiana
July 15th University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas
July 29th University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas
July 30th - HAPPY B-DAY TO ME! :o)
July 31st - Monster DLP Stetson University Orlando, Florida

August 5th University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas
August 12th University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas
August 13th Houston Community College - Houston, Texas
August 15th Houston Community College - Houston, Texas
August 17th Vatterott College - Court Reporting Institute of Houston
August 19th University of Texas - Brownsville, Texas
August 20th Houston Community College - Houston, Texas
August 21st Navarro College - Corsicana, Texas
August 22nd Houston Community College - Houston, Texas
August 24th Huston-Tillotson University - Austin, Texas
August 24th Concordia University - Austin, Texas
August 27th DeVry University - Houston, Texas
August 28th New RRR Conference - Waco, Texas

September 2nd Rice University - Houston, Texas
September 9th Northeast Academy of Health Science & Engineering Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
September 10th University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma
September 15th Henderson State University - Arkadelphia, Arkansas
September 16th Central Methodist University - Fayette, Missouri
September 17th Harris-Stowe State University - Saint Louis, Missouri

October 2-4 Keynote Speaker for BLACKE Summit Weekend Houston, Texas

“Porshea was hired as a contract speaker for Monster's Making It Count Programs in August 2008 to deliver our Making High School Count (MHSC) program. Since then, Porshea has expanded her program portfolio within Making It Count to include two additional programs and we are looking to Porshea to add to this repertoire by adding two more additional programs moving forward in 2009. She has maintained consistent scores from both students and counselors alike and is well above average in her delivery of our Making Your College Search Count (MCSC) program. Porshea receives excellent feedback in regards to her relatability and delivery of our programs ... she is energetic, engaging, informative and confident to name a few. She will also be bringing her talent and skills to Monster's Diversity Leadership Program (DLP) as a presenter throughout the summer of 2009. I would highly recommend Porshea Mitchell as a speaker for any event and/or organization!”
-Sara Maxey, Speaker Recruitment Manager, Monster Worldwide

"Dear Porshea,

It was great to have you on campus last week. I have to tell you that many of our evaluations indicated your presentation was their favorite session. I’m happy that we will see you a few more times and I hope we can collaborate in the near future with another visit to campus."

-Mari Fuentes-Martin, Dean of Student University of Texas, Brownsville

“Porshea Mitchell and the Making College & Career Count presentation were a breath of fresh air. Several of our students seemed to open their eyes and minds to the advice that was being given. Students were buzzing about the presentation for days and a renewed interest in going to college was felt. This motivated several of our less responsive students to thinking about their futures.”
- Madeline Williams, College Access Counselor, Jones High School

“Porshea was informative and delivered her information with authority. She was confident.”
– Paulette Clayman, Elsik High School

“Our presenter did a fantastic job! She talked to students about real-life jobs/college applications and processes.”
– Jan Lewis, Associate Principal, Oak Ridge High School

“Student engagement - the delivery of the program; Porshea is what held the attention of our audience.”
– Nelda Garibay, Guidance Counselor, Tuloso Midway High School

“The content was excellent and very appropriate for students. The speaker was great, very motivational”
– Deborah Pace, Head Guidance Counselor, McAllen Memorial High School

“Intelligent, eloquent, and extremely hard working Porshea gets her message across clearly, effectively and with style. Porshea’s messages and words effortlessly motivate across borders and media, in fact knowing no boundaries her words resonate because they are based on her own values and come from her own experiences – this brings a powerful foundation for her great work. This is a person who is well versed with the latest technology, knowing how to use social networks to great effect and I’m sure Porshea is destined for an even brighter future, deservedly so.”
– Marino Orzechowski, IT Consultant, Netherlands

“Doing business with PorsheaRae Mitchell is cause for celebration. She is driven, sharp, smart and good. Her creative and engaged mind seeks and uncovers perfect win-win situations and she illustrates her ideas with grace and enthusiasm. She is one of the most motivational individuals that I have ever met because of two reasons: 1. She sees potential and opportunity (For herself, for your company, for collaboration) 2. She acts upon it. One day, I listened to her describe our company, Energy People Connect. She explained the nuances of our organization and her leadership role with so much vim and accuracy that my own sense of purpose and faith in our success was renewed. I thought, “What a great company! …Oh, that’s ours.” At a practical level, here is a woman that gets things done with determination, ethics and style, something rather rare in today’s age. As a mutual friend put it, “Porshea is a business woman. She doesn’t mess around. People appreciate it.” Expect great things from PorsheaRae. She is a rare gem.”
- Brandy Brazell Obvintsev, President & Founder Energy People Connect, Houston, Texas

"Dear Porshea,

It was a pleasure meeting you today. I was inspired by your speech and attracted to your dynamic and personable style. I hope we cross paths again soon. Until then, thanks for your involvement in making today’s event so spectacular!"

Warm regards,

- Mary Jane Mudd, Principal – Full Tilt Communications & President-Elect AMA, Houston, Texas

“She's very eloquent and has an engaging personality over the airwaves. Porshea has the "IT" factor over the radio, for example leading up to the interview she was very relaxed which is a good sign for an interviewer. Once the show date arrived, I introduced my show, The Wealthy Speaker Show and introduced my listeners and then Porshea. In the radio business we call her a natural, meaning she is very poised and it made for an exciting interview, with my largest listenership to date. That's not all, the interview was so powerful, we lost power at our studio, it was truly and electrifying evening. Mind you listeners from the Philippines and Hungary were on the line listening in and requested Porshea Mitchell back by popular demand as my guest. Not to disappoint my listeners, I invited Porshea back and we had yet another stellar interview and to be honest with you, she is a star in her own right and I expect great things from her on the world stage as a professional speaker, television personality and much more. I highly recommend Porshea Mitchell because she represents the essence of excellence. She's truly blessed.”
-Paul Lawrence Vann CEO, Wealth Building Academy Washington, DC

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Grandfather's Murder - The Purpose for my Passion

Not too long after my move to Ohio in 2005 tragedy struck my family. I was at a friend’s party and my mom called me crying. I couldn’t understand what she was saying to me at first, I told her to calm down then she hit me with a brick….”Your grandfather is missing.”

I immediately asked for more details. She told me he had been missing all day, he drove out of the Church parking lot to travel a block to his house & he disappeared. He never made it home. The family has searched high and low and couldn’t find him anywhere. The police assumed he just wondered off b/c he’s old, but with the fear in my mother’s voice and the connection we have as a family, I knew it was foul play. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t, as an only child I had to be strong for my mother. I told her everything will be ok, to clam down, and to keep looking and call me back once she hears something.

After hanging up the phone with her I called my cousin and friends back home, crying myself b/c I’m 1800 miles away from home, my mother needs me, and I can’t be there for her. That’s the worst feeling ever, she’s my heart, my rock, in her eyes I could never do wrong, and at the time she needs me the most I can’t be there. The depression sets in.

Days go by and still no sign of my grandfather. I’m absolutely broke. Working 60+ hours a week and broke. I go to my boss and ask if they could send me home on a “business-like trip”, she goes to HR and they make it happen for me. I fly into Houston, get a rental and drive to my roots, Hearne, Texas to comfort my mother. By this time it’s been over a week, and he’s still missing. He’s in his 80’s with no medication and battling the hot Texas summer heat. Although I hoped for the best, I expected the worst. We got news that his car was found in the woods by the old Hearne air base. The Texas Rangers swamped the area, hound dogs sniffed away; they head to the Brazos River, combed it, no luck. By this time I get to my moms, and quickly our roles change, I hold her in my arms and tell her God is in control.

The Chief of Police walks up to the house, he tells us they found him, or what was left. He was found at the air base, less than a mile from his home. Someone left the gate open which is supposed to be locked at all time from the public since it is still being used by private planes. He was highly decomposed, and lost the fight against the animals in the wild. We knew the outcome wasn’t going to be good, but no one could ever prepare anyone for that. You never think it could happen to you. Be blessed; love your family b/c the truth is….it can. We start planning for his funeral, but due to the decomposition they would have to send the remains to Dallas for 2 weeks to process dental work and confirm that it’s really him. Just too much for someone to go through. The worst part of it all is, knowing he suffered. Knowing he had to fight for his life. Knowing he was out there hopeless. Knowing he felt fear, pain, and anger and that he knew his killer.

Hearne is a very small town with a population that’s less than 5000 and is 48% Black. Everyone knows everyone, and is connected in some way, leaving me angry, confused, and confident that he knew his killer. In a place so small and connected my grandfather’s case should be solved by now. Do I blame the Police, partially? They finally get a chance to do their job and they fail. A crime like that is too mature for a small town cop. All they’re used to doing is giving speed tickets to travelers on HWY 6 or convicting innocent people during random drug busts used to get government funding. So I know a lot of forensic details were overlooked. They’ve had leads, but they all passed the lie detector test. When you look at an old Black man getting murdered in a small country town, you can’t help but play the race card. None of the cops were black, so I can't help but wonder - was there some racist prick that did this to him? Or was it another case of Black on Black crime?

Some knew him as Ray Foster, but to me he’s Granddaddy. My grandfather was a solider, he served his country well. He lived across the street from Blackshear Elementary School, the whole towns Alma Mata, the kids called him “Mr. Pretty” b/c he was married to a woman called “Miss Pretty”. For years, even when I was in elementary, he sold Laffy Taffy’s, Now and Later’s, Pickles, Bubble Gum and Soda 5 cents each to kids who crossed the small park to his house after school. A man who did no wrong, the only Grandfather I had. How do you forgive? How do you heal?

God has given me the gift of words and the ability to motivate and inspire people with those words. I use them as tools to spread the word about my grandfather's murder. That's why I call myself "PorsheaRae" - I speak to gain a support system that I will use to help solve his murder, so when I am introduced as PorsheaRae when speaking, my heart smiles because it reminds me of my grandfather Ray Foster, and my mission to solve his murder. It will be hard, but I am a fighter just as he was, I know God will lead me to his killer. I have the faith and will put in the work.

Granddaddy - I love you. I miss you. You didn't deserve to go the way you did, I pray for whoever did that to you. I hope you didn't suffer long, I'm sorry I couldn't get there sooner, but I got there when mama needed me the most. We got the watch you had on, and some of the cash the killer(s) left behind. Mama has it, I'm sure she put it up somewhere. You never wanted to put your money in the bank - didn't trust them - and if you were living now, I'd say that was smart! :o)

I know you know this, b/c I know you're looking down on me, but I've been spreading the word around for you! I will find them. I dream of you all the time, reflecting on the good times. But no matter how hard I try nothing will erase the feeling I felt when mama called with the news. I spoke at your funeral about how you gave back and how you fought your whole life. I talked about your character, your charisma, and your love. Thanks for letting me sneak and drive your car when I was little! That was our little secret ;o) Any who just wanted to drop you a few lines, to tell you I'm fighting for you and I know you're supporting closely. I can feel you near, Grandmama too! I miss her dearly, doesn’t seem like 10 years have passed. Knowing you two, you have gotten back together - handle your business - I'm not mad at all :o) I love you.


The Beltway 8 Boys (True Story written 1.6.08)

They are young, and probably don’t know what it feels like to have. Have a house, new clothes, new shoes, fresh cooked meals. Yet as young as they are, they know very well what it feels like to work, because nearly everyday they stand at the corner of Westheimer Road and Sam Houston Tollway in Houston, Texas during the busiest times of day, pacing up and down the highway, risking their lives.

They walk in between cars that are waiting for the light to turn green; in their hands are green bowls that they use to collect whatever “spare change” the drivers in the stopped cars may have. Risking their lives for change; a penny, nickel, dime, and if they’re lucky a dollar, something so simple to you and me, lunch money, lotto money, toll money. Money that serves no real purpose in our lives, but as the saying goes, “what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

For months I would drive by the Beltway 8 Boys, a group of 6-8 boys, and their male guardian. The boys would walk up and down the feeder road of a major highway intersection, unembarrassed to ask for help, many people ignore them and give nothing, but would make a left to go to the Galleria Mall and waste money on a pair of shoes or designer jeans that they will probably only wear once.

Due to the traffic I would sometimes sit through 2-3 cycles of lights, and just watch people’s reaction to the boys. Some see them coming and quickly look away as if they don’t see them. Some play with their emotions, and pull out a hand full of cash, 20’s, $50, $100 only to dig through it and give them a dollar.

Every time I see them my heart melts. Their guardian is an older man, he looks like he’s in his 50’s, and has a posture of someone who has a real life understanding of the word struggle. He looks worn out, tired, ready to beak down at any moment and jump in front of the passing cars. But he doesn’t, he sits back and encourages the boys to keep moving. I can only image what he says. “Don’t stop, keep walking, we have to get as much as we can”. He is their rock, so he hides his emotions from them and stays strong.

I wonder why they are there, the very first time I saw them one of the boys tried to tell me, but the beat of my heart when I looked into his tiny, youthful, and innocent eyes drowned my hearing. I just knew they needed help, so I gave him my “spare change” and went about my way, saying to myself, “I don’t want them out here doing this”. For days I’d dream about them, and everyday I’d see them I’d give them what I had, the most being $5, because just like the rest of us I have bills to pay, right?

I’d find myself dreaming of being blessed enough to drive up to the light in a brand new SUV, with a briefcase full of money, and keys to a new house. I’d pull up at the light and tell them God sent me to do His will in your life, and then take them to a bank open an account for each of them, and hand them over the keys to the car and directions to their new house. A dream I know in my heart one day will come true.

Last week I received an unexpected check in the mail. I immediately went shopping, spent hundreds of dollars on clothes, and on the way home I was listening to my Dani Johnson CD “Conquering the Financial Kingdom”, which I do daily, and God convicted me. Why did I buy all this stuff? What good will these clothes serve me? How selfish of me! Everyday I pray for God to use me to do His will, and on Sunday January 6, 2008, at 2:20 pm He led me to do just that.

On my way home from Church, I rode up to the corner of Westheimer Road and Sam Houston Tollway, and there they were, my innocent friends. If only they knew how much I thought of and prayed for them. How much I cried for them. As two of the boys walked towards my car, my heart light up with warmth, and my eyes watered up. I opened up the envelope of money I had and gave one of the young boys a $100 bill. He said very softly, “Thank you, miss” and kept walking, not realizing what the bill was. As soon as he did, he ran up to the other little boy who was to my right waving the money. They both look at it in awe, pointing at me, smiling, waving, and their little lips reading “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! They run up to the rest of the boys and their guardian, as I drive by pointing and waving all yelling Thank You!!

I drive away in tears. Today was a day for first times. The first time the young boy didn’t make it to the back of the line asking for money, the first time I saw all their faces light up with joy, and the first time I really let go and let God use me. One man’s trash truly is another mans treasure. I can’t wait for the day to make my dream come true to that I may bless them. By the look on their faces they’ve probably have never seen a $100 bill, and I never thought I’d be able to be the one to give it to them. However we must not forget that through God, all things are possible. The day will come where the dream I’ve dreamed for them will come true.

Elevator Speech Success Tips

PorsheaRae's Elevator Speech Success Tips
(Presented at the American Marketing Association - Social Media Bootcamp 3.6.09)

Effortless – be relaxed, all you’re doing is sharing them a little bit about the person you know best – you!
Likable – smile and make eye contact
Energetic – be open and welcoming
Versatile – have different versions for different audiences
Actionable – go first!
Timely – elevator rides aren’t that long… a 3 second “hook” w/ a 27 second explanation is a good
Organized – have a sense of direction during the conversation
Rapport – make them remember you – in a good way!

Your Passion x Your Purpose + a Platform = Power!
(for elevator speeches...huh? yup! it's a formula!)

Ø Your Passion -- Who am I? What’s makes me – me?
Does your job title define you? If not, think of what does? Your passion is an extension of you, and people will be drawn to you when you speak about it. The person you’re speaking to doesn’t know you, so this is your opportunity to promote whatever you want – most importantly… you!
Ø Your Purpose – Why am I doing the work I am doing?
Do you have a clear reason for doing the work you do? “I am doing this because I want to do that” Your purpose fuels your passion, so it should be carefully thought out. It is your path or plan that drives your passion, and steers the direction of the conversation.
Ø Your Platform -- What tools do I use to do it?
This is the person, place or thing that stimulates your purpose and fuels your passion. This could be the company you work for, an organization you’re apart of, a business associate… it’s the tool.
Ø The Power -- I’m connected!
You leave a positive mark. You exchange information. They walked away knowing you the person, so when you cross paths again, they remember you.
(c) 2009 Porshea "PorsheaRae" Mitchell

What's Your Personal Definition?

Your Passion x Your Purpose + a Platform = Power!

PassionIf money were no object, what is that thing that you would just LOVE to do? You would sacrifice and give up so much to do it? You dream about it… It clouds your head all day… And every time you think about it, you feel complete, you feel satisfied, accomplished, successful, and on top of the world.

· Helen Keller – famous author, political activist, and lecturer was the first deaf/blind person to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree
· The Wright brothers dreamed of a machine that would fly through the air, with the greatest of ease
· Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity and after 10,000 failures he made it happen, and
· America just elected its first black president.

All of that happened b/c someone somewhere was passionate about something, and they had a reason for it or purpose.

Purpose -- Why do you want to do it? Is it because you want to give back? You want to be wealthy? You want to make a difference in people’s lives? Your purpose it what drives you, therefore it is important to have it clearly defined. It is your unobstructed path, your plan. Your purpose serves as a constant reminder of who you are and why you are doing the work you are doing.

· When Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed African Americans, he new the odds were against him,
· Socrates compromised his personal belief and drank the cup of poison to give people the right to freedom or thought and speech, and
· General Robert Lee, parted ways with the Union to help the South.

These examples show what happens when you have strong purpose or reason why you are passionate about your passion. Is your purpose as great as the many men and women, who stood, fought, lived, and died before you?

PlatformWhat tools – people, places, things, are you going to use to get you there? Is it joining a club or organization? Going to college? Getting a successful businessperson as your mentor? Your church?

Henry Ford used to catch a lot of flack from colleagues because of his lack of traditional education, however we all know he was pretty smart, not just because of what he did, but because of the platforms he used to do it. He created a “Master Mind” group, which was a group of people that had all the traditional knowledge he lacked, and all he had to do to get to that specialized knowledge was press a button to call them in his office. People with the knowledge he lacked were one of his major platforms.

PowerYou have success!!
You’ve probably heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? Well that’s wrong, knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into a definite plan for a definite purpose.

Power is the equivalent of success and your success is what you make it. Many people will try to tell you what success should look like for you, and although they may help you gain insight on success generally, only you and define and create your success specifically.

So I ask again - What's Your Personal Definiion?

(c) 2009 Porshea "PorsheaRae" Mitchell